Fitness And Nutrition

Fitness and nutrition has been a main focal point in my life for many years now. In fact, it seems that everything that I have ever accomplished has revolved around this element of health. All the way back from working out in the gyms as a weekend warrior with my friends in high school to training with the high school wrestling team to capture 3 provincial championships.

This way of life carried me on into my college years as a division 1 wrestler to become a 2 time Pac-10 silver medalist. The time I decided to pursue a career as a professional wrestler for the WWE and WCW back in the late 90’s, I had already been living a life where healthy fitness and nutritional practices had been ingrained in me for years. So it was this main culprit and lifestyle that paved the way for me to be the level of athlete I became both in my college years and then later professionally.

Once I decided to put my wrestling career on the shelf, I pursued my chiropractic career. Here too, it was the lifestyle that I had been living that welcomed such a profession. A profession that encompasses overall health and well being. Yes, my main focus as a chiropractor is to remove nerve interferences within the spine and other joints of the body but that is just one aspect, just one slice of the overall pie if you will.

My strong belief as a doctor of chiropractic is to focus on more than just that aspect of health and wellness.   It is absolutely crucial and imperative that for one to live an ultimate life of good health and wellness, they must adopt a lifestyle that allows them to fuel their bodies with good nutrition on a consistent basis and be part of a regular exercise regime.

The last important aspect of what makes up the whole pie so to speak is the mental/spiritual realm. It is important to fuel your mind with positive thoughts and affirmations.

There are some good books with great powerful information out there that should be read on a regular basis. As much as it is important to exercise and fuel your physical body with good nutrition and exercise on a consistent day to day basis, it is just as important to exercise and fuel your mind on a consistent day to day basis which is a portal and gateway into the spiritual realm.

This concept and philosophy towards health and wellness is how I have been living my life for many years now and is essentially what you may have already heard as the mind, body, and spirit triad. I live my life as much as possible in this realm and strive to strengthen it each and every day. Once one can achieve living their life by this particular strong consistent way of being then he or she will eventually be connected to their highest level of inner self… and optimum health and well being.

Though I am not competing or performing any longer as a professional athlete or television entertainer, I still live a life of optimum health and wellness through healthy nutrition, various methods of exercise and training, and of course the practice of day to day exercising of the mind which is then the window to the spiritual. I feel as a health professional that it is important to lead by example and practice what I preach.

I want to share, educate, motivate and inspire as many as I can to live a more healthy, vibrant and enchanting life. That is my vision, my goal, and I believe my true purpose of why I am here on this earth for now.

This fitness and nutritional section of the website will be dedicated and a focal point for those to read on various health related topics and issues, related articles that I write, and various other pertinent health, wellness, nutrition and fitness information that will be posted. All of this is a means for you to learn more about how to improve and refine your current level of fitness and nutrition so that you may live a well rounded healthy lifestyle.

Be well, live well.

Dr. Shawn

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